“It is about celebration and childhood and color and simplicity – but it’s also a Trojan horse. It’s a Trojan horse to the whole body of art work.” Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons

Born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania, Jeff Koons is without question one of the most important living artists. He is among the few who successfully extract the essentials from avant-gardism, most notably Pop Art. In his hands, even the most familiar, everyday items transcend commonality to become true icons that manifest the essence of American popular culture. Yet on a broader scope, we are presented with positive messages of acceptance and humanity, themes that resonate universally.

His oeuvre has been honored all over the world with solo-exhibitions in renowned institutions as the Whitney Museum in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Nationalgalerie in Berlin and the Chateau de Versailles, to name only a few. In 2013 Koons becomes the most expensive living artist when his oversized sculpture “Balloon Dog Orange” was sold for the unbelievable sum of 58.4 Mio USD at Christie's in New York.


Koons' highly acclaimed Celebration series, starting in the early 1990s, evokes with its large-scale motifs of balloon animals, wrapped Easter eggs or stacks of play-doo, cheerful and light-hearted children’s memories of birthday parties and holidays. The balloon sculptures have turned out to be the most time and cost consuming project of the artist. Driven by Koons’ ambition to produce a flawless object the production of the sculptures took several years. The iconic forms of the balloon animals – dog, swan, rabbit and monkey – have been blown up to gigantic sculptures of steel, covered with a transparent chromatic coating. This finish gives the massive artworks a fragile and light appearance. These works are now available for collectors in a smaller size as an edition.


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In 2012, ten years after the premiere of the first exhibited Split Rocker in Avignon (France), Koons joins forces with high-end French porcelain manufacture Bernardaud to release a limited edition in reduced size of the monumental original Split Rocker. In 2015/16 this is followed by a collector’s version of the Balloon Dog in three different colors. Now the company is manufacturing limited editions of the iconic Balloon Rabbit, Balloon Swan and Balloon Monkey.

Bernardaud, the famous French porcelain company was founded in Limoges in 1863. Still family-owned, the brand has always striven for excellence, quality and precision. Working in a field that is perpetually evolving, Bernardaud remains in the elite of design and innovation, developing technologies that push back the technical limits of the art of porcelain making. Each collection, piece of furniture, lighting creation or decorative object, that bears the Bernardaud signature brings the grace of simple luxury to everyday life and demonstrates that, after two thousand years, porcelain continues to prove its worth as an exceptional material.

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Weng Contemporary is an online gallery for original prints and fine art editions by world-class contemporary artists. The brand is owned by WFA Online AG in Zug (Switzerland), one of the fastest growing businesses in the international art market. Its mother company, Weng Fine Art AG in Monheim (Germany), headed by Rüdiger K. Weng, combines 20 years of expertise in the international art market with broad economic know-how. Weng Contemporary is collaborating with Bernardaud in Limoges (France) in publishing and distributing editions by Jeff Koons and other important international artists.


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